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We offer visual dyslexia treatment in Windsor, Loveland & Fort Collins, CO

Do you have trouble reading, interpreting ideas or distinguishing similar letters and numbers? Does your child have those issues? Performance Vision and Learning in Windsor, Loveland & Fort Collins, CO focuses on strengthening visual skills, such as eye tracking, as a form of visual dyslexia treatment. Contact us today to find an effective treatment for your or your loved one's visual processing disorder.

Common symptoms of visual processing disorders

Common symptoms of visual processing disorders

Contact us for visual dyslexia treatment if your loved one displays any of the following symptoms:

  • Language-based: Difficulty telling time | Weak vocabulary | Difficulty with basic math
  • Attention-based: Difficulty processing short-term memories | Impaired reading ability
  • Perception-based: Difficulty judging distance | Difficulty learning the alphabet | Confusing similar-looking letters and numbers | Inability to match letters with their sounds

Schedule an evaluation today to find out if your loved one has a visual processing disorder. We can discuss an effective treatment program, which will include testing of visual perceptual abilities. Contact us today to learn about our vision therapy program in Windsor, Loveland & Fort Collins, CO.