Find Out How Vision Therapy Can Improve Your Concentration

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Learning, reading and playing sports may be more difficult for those with visual efficiency problems than for someone with normal vision. Classical eye examinations detect many vision problems. We perform specific eye coordination and tracking testing. These tests allow us to identify the underlying cause of symptoms such as struggling with reading, and excessive visual fatigue.

Performance Vision and Learning is a vision therapy center based in Windsor, Loveland & Fort Collins, CO. We use special eye tracking equipment to measure our clients' visual efficiency and come up with customized treatment plans. When you're searching for effective performance testing and treatment for yourself or a loved one, contact us first. Call 970-460-0836 today.

What are your goals?

What are your goals?

Visual efficiency learning therapy has all kinds of applications. It may help you or your loved one:

  • Find relief from convergence and or accommodative insufficiency: Vision therapy is designed to strengthen visual skills, which is why it's becoming a preferred eye fatigue and double vision treatment.
  • Perform better in sports: If you have a hard time staying focused on the ball when it's in play, consider seeking vision therapy-it can help improve concentration.

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