Success Stories

I went into to see my eye doctor because I was seeing double vision at nighttime. Speed limit signs in the distance would appear to be double and as I got closer sometimes would become one. They said that there might be something else going on. I was referred to Dr. Spinozzi. He gave me a free eye consultation which was really nice and helpful. The results were horrible. I did multiple eye tracking tests done by very specialized and high tech equipment. It showed my eyes couldn't follow straight lines, circles, etc. In addition, it listed all possible symptoms that result from my specific conditions. Almost all of the symptoms listed - I had. Short attention span, short term memory loss and many others. I was skeptical that treatment would work even though my score was like 13/100. After 20 sessions, my vision was corrected. Also, my brain began to work better. My memory improved, my ability to do math improved, reasoning and logic improved, I could read much longer without get distracted, etc. If you want you vision corrected or want to improve your brain processing power - I without a doubt highly recommend Dr. Spinozzi. Both him and his employee are super great to work with and have helped me tremendously.

Matt P.

Dr. Spinozzi has provided the missing piece to the puzzle after suffering a traumatic brain injury six years ago. Medical providers have offered very little relief for my ongoing symptoms which is primarily vertigo. The recommendation was often medications which offered similar side effects. Dr. Spinozzi and his advanced technology has provided insight into my visual system deficits from an evaluation as well as treatment perspective. It has been so nice to discover there is a reason I'm experiencing the symptoms I am and with therapy they will improve. I highly encourage anyone with a neurological condition to seek treatment for vision therapy. The percentage of people with visual involvement is 80-90%. There is a good chance it will change your life as it has mine.

Angie Laakso

In Dr. Spinozzi I finally found a doctor who would get to the bottom of why my otherwise capable child was just not performing like we thought he could. Dr. Spinozzi diagnosed Connor with a vision problem that countless other eye care professionals missed, dismissed, or knew nothing about. I was a bit skeptical, but willing to try.
We started Vision Therapy immediately. What a blessing and true miracle Vision Therapy has been. After only three weeks, we noticed a great improvement not only with his vision but also in his confidence and self esteem.

Connor's mother

Dr. Spinozzi is a terrific doctor and really helped our daughter with her amblyopia. She has made amazing progress. We are so grateful that we found Performance Vision and Learning and Dr. Spinozzi.

Rachel Smith

This clinic is a hidden gem. We are so blessed to have these services in Northern CO. Dr Spinnozi and his staff are top notch. He has shown me my son's strengths and weaknesses with reading. He has given us 'fun' eye exercises and learning games to help build my son's confidence with reading.

Nicole Tucker