Enhance Your Training With Sports Vision Therapy

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No matter how hard you work on and off the field, visual perception issues can keep you from bringing your A-game. Performance Vision and Learning can help you improve your performance by providing sports vision therapy. We offer unique, non-invasive treatment programs for all kinds of eye movement disorders.

When you visit our Windsor, Loveland & Fort Collins, CO clinic for an evaluation, you'll get tested on your visual strengths and weaknesses. From there, we can discuss an effective treatment plan. Call 970-460-0836 today to schedule an appointment.

How does our sports vision therapy work?

How does our sports vision therapy work?

We use NeuroTracker ™. NeuroTracker ™ boosts the mental skills that are key in human performance. Science shows that superior cognitive abilities give elite athletes a competitive edge, and that NeuroTracker training can directly improve awareness and decision-making abilities in competitive performance.

  • Attention: Just 18 minutes of training per week boosts fundamental cognitive abilities
  • Executive Function: Think clearly with better planning and decision-making
  • Working memory: Stay on top of multiple streams of information simultaneously
  • Processing Speed: Manage and understand more information to respond faster

Over time, these training's can improve your concentration. Our visual therapy program is not only a good way to treat eye movement disorders, but it can also be useful in preventing the vision-related side effects of concussions. Contact Performance Vision and Learning in Windsor, Loveland & Fort Collins, CO today to see how vision therapy can help you.