Optometric vision therapy is a science based, multi-sensorial program of care used to develop, restore, or enhance visual function and performance.
Children and adults often suffer with undetected vision problems for many years, often trying unsuccessful therapies
until a developmental vision evaluation is performed. Depending on the patient needs, vision therapy is prescribed,

Optometric vision therapy is a blend of medical, developmental and behavioral therapies which may include:

  • Pursuit and saccade therapy

    (to improve the speed and accuracy of eye movements)

  • Visual-vestibular therapy

    (to integrate eye movements with balance)

  • Visual perceptual therapy

    (to enhance visual information processing)

  • Eye-hand coordination therapy

    (to develop visually guided movement)

  • Accommodativetherapy

    (to enhance focusing stability, flexibility, and comfort)

  • Visual attention therapy

  • Peripheral awareness therapy

    (enhances the use of vision as a simultaneous sense, synchronously receiving and processing multiple inputs)

  • Visual-spatial awareness

    (including laterality, directionality, and visual imagery)

  • Visual-auditory integration

  • Orthoptics

    (mechanics of eye movements)